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Brand Authenticity Attracts More Customers

We are living in a time where we are constantly flooded with information from the Internet. Causing the authenticity of things to become slightly more ambiguous. The same applies to businesses – the Internet is flooded with promo banners and ads from a variety of businesses that are established around us. This raises questions amongst Internet users regarding their business authenticity.

The ones raising the questions regarding business authenticity is, of course, the consumers.

This is because it is important for them to know whether a business is selling authentic products/services and if the business can be trusted to provide a genuine experience. As they will be spending their hard-earned money on the business, they have to make it count.

Thus, it’s one of the vital factors in deciding the success of your business.

But the question we must ask ourselves is, what is exactly business authenticity?

Business Authenticity? Made In Italia? Is That What Business Authenticity Means?

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It’s important to have a detailed process into what goes into your business’s brand and reputation,
this helps you to better manage your customer’s expectations and experiences with your brand.

No, that’s not what it means. Business authenticity means that a business can be trusted to provide consumers with transparent customer service, genuine experience and authentic products.

You must manage two key points in building your authenticity: customers’ expectations and experience.

What your brand says must be in line with how you execute your brand; customer service experience, product quality, etc. This is so that consumers/users would view your brand positively, which leads to a good reputation for your business.

So, to put it simply, brand authenticity means transparency in executing your business. How faithful you are to your ideas, quality of services/products and your customers.

Building Bridges

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Connecting with consumers/users is easy when you provide them with the ability to trust your brand, products, and/or services.

To build up the authenticity of your brand, the first step would be to connect with your customers/users to build up trust.

Connect with your customers/users by showing that you care and are willing to go the extra mile to provide them with products or solve their issues.

Be transparent with your business conduct, let your customers/users know all their rights when purchasing/subscribing to your products/services.

Story That Binds

Gain your customers/users loyalty and trust through your brand story, of how and why it came to be. But be careful not to mistake a brand story for an ad or a marketing campaign. A brand story is a tale told to the consumers/users; a story with filled ideas, thoughts, and personality. Letting you connect with your customers/users at a deeper and more personal level.

So, when coming up with your brand story, don’t make it sound like a marketing pitch. Instead, make it like telling your brand’s life story.

Shows Them That You Know What You Are Doing

When a consumer/user comes to you, it means that they are betting that you know how to solve their issue or have what they need. So, instead of merely providing or solving, throw in advice or suggestions so that they get an even better outcome.

When they find out that you are not only able to provide quality products/services but also better solutions to issues, they will trust you and your brand because you showed care for them.

Adapt But Stay Consistent

Staying relevant and authentic in the digital era means adapting to it. Market and build up your brand authenticity on all digital platforms – the Internet, social media, newsletter, etc. But remember to stay consistent with your brand identity, which includes your company’s colour, brand voice and tone, logo, and others.

This ensures your brand authenticity no matter which platform you are on. So, when people see your brand logo or design, they know it is the real deal. Not only will it help your brand to adapt to any platform you wish to use, but it will also help your brand to stand out from the rest.

Listen And Communicate

One of the main reasons a brand might lose their customers/users is bad communication. So be sure to listen to your customers/users when they inquire or complain. Instead of taking the option to merely explain, invite them to discuss together with you to find the solution.

Do remember that good communication does not mean that you have to wait for customers/users to complain or inquire first. You can always send out surveys to ask for feedback from your customers/users. This way it shows that you, the brand, care for customers’/users’ experience.

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Communicating with customers/users include sending emails, newsletters,
or SMS to inform them of any changes or news by the business.
You can also send out surveys to further understand what you can do to serve your customers better.

Do I Really Have To Build Brand Authenticity?

Building brand authenticity also means that you are creating a huge pool of loyal customers, and earn a good reputation as your brand grows. These will help your brand to grow and be successful. So if you are planning to be successful; then yes, you should build up your brand authenticity.

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