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Tips To Produce An Animation Video

Venturing into new niches is all well and good for yourself. Doing so without preparation is only inviting disaster. Especially if you are venturing into animation video production. It is actually harder to produce than a full live action video. 

Why? Because you’ll need a lot of creative juice and imagination. Like, A LOT.

And that is why, we are sharing these tips. To help get the jump start you’ll need when producing animation videos.

animation mood board

Story/Mood Board Is Your Best Friend.


Sometimes, the creative juice got no chill. It flooded your mind with all sorts of ideas, especially after having a discussion with your client. 

But this flood of ideas can be bad. It could end up drowning the original idea and purpose of the animation video. 

So, it is imperative you sort them before starting your work on the animation video itself. 

But it is hard to sort ideas because they don’t have physical and tangible form.

Well, my friend, this is why story/mood board is your best friend. Write or sketch the ideas you, paste them on the board to help you get the rough idea and picture of what the video will look like. 

And to see if it still sticks to the original plot or if it has already gone off rail. Also, on the story/mood board you should list down;

  • Pros and cons list
  • Headline
  • Video duration

Know Your Animation

Animation video is the way to go with difficult to explain concepts or products. Though be mindful of the types of animation you will be using. Using an animation that is not suited to the animation video you’re producing could make it even more convoluted than it already is.

That is why we have thrown this list of animation types for you to check out.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is suitable to be used for explainer video or narrative videos that have difficult to explain concepts. Also good for storytelling or narrative type of videos. 

The whiteboard animation contains both animation and live elements to it. 

Example; a hand out of frame drawing sketches. The sketches then will be animated or transition it into live elements as well.

Kinetic Typography

Aha! This is a fun one. This animation type utilizes typography animation to deliver a message or explanation. It is also very engaging as the audience will be more compelled tol wait and watch to find out what words will the letters form.

This type of animation video may be composed entirely of letters and words or include other elements to further enhance its effects such as; a voice over and visuals.

Kinetic typography is suitable for videos that want it’s audience to remember certain dates or locations. 

Cartoon Animation

Don’t lie, I know many of us are still into watching cartoons. I mean, hey it is pretty imaginative, so it helps to stimulate our minds to be more creative and imaginative too.

So, it is only right that the same cartoon animation is employed in animation video production too.

Cartoon animation is very flexible and suitable for most video types and ideas. It can be used to deliver a message, a reveal or an explanation. Especially, if you mostly run on social media.

However, it’s production is more complex than most. As it requires a lot of skills, knowledge and some pretty high-end computer’s specs (depending on the animation level that you are producing).

infographic animation

Infographic Animation 

So, it seems like your upcoming video project has a lot of statistics and other numbers in it. It would be so hard to explain those using words and numbers alone. 


Hey, why the headache? Just use infographics to help your video better explain the statistics and other numbers. 

Also, out of all animation types, this one is the easiest to use and do. Moving graphs, charts and tables will make it easier for your audience to understand the video as the animated graphic is more memorable compared to words and numbers alone.

But Just When Is It You Should Use Animation In A Video?

Well, if your video is not a full animation video, but you find that animation inserts would definitely help the video to become even better. Then you should do these three things:

  • Outline your campaign
  • Identify your target audience type
  • Plan your video production and it’s resources (time and equipment available)

But hey, producing an animation video is one thing. And writing a script is a whole different thing, yet just as important. 

We got you on this! See that button below? Yeah, just click on it to download a script to template that’ll help you get started. 

Oh, no equipment or expertise to produce animation video? Ah, no problem. We got you with this as well! Contact us and we’ll get to work on it!

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